East Alabama Carpenters for Christ

Building for God's glory!


Carpenters for Christ is an organization of laymen which gives men an opportunity to use their time and talents in constructing church buildings to the Glory of God for churches in pioneer areas that can afford the materials, but not the labor, for much needed facilities to reach people for Christ.

Carpenters for Christ is a ministry of the Baptist Men of East Alabama who coordinates this church building ministry involving men form other churches and associations in Alabama and other states. Carpenters for Christ hold the view that the Lord has opened the door of service for every man regardless of his age or ability.  Men from all walks of life from age 9 to 95 have participated in these trips. Every man who participates receives a tremendous blessing in his life.

For more information, or to contact the East Alabama Carpenters for Christ about church building projects, please contact Obie Fuller at 706-518-9949 or email him at obeyonly1@yahoo.com

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